The U.S. Open’s 10 Coolest Watches, From Jimmy Butler’s Patek to Pusha T’s Gem-Set Rolex

Posted by Derek Eskridge on

The Watchmaking's big three were well represented, naturally.

Rolex may be the sponsor of the U.S. Open, but it’s not the only watchmaker holding court at the fourth and final Grand Slam of 2023.

Celebs and players alike have turned up to the tournament in New York City’s Queens borough wearing ace wrist candy from the big three—Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet—as well as extravagant six-figure pieces from independent makers like De Béthune. There has been a mix of old and new in the stands, too, with a coveted discontinued Patek appearing alongside a shiny new Tag Heuer Carrera. Nearly all of the watches hail from Switzerland, except for one that was born in Silicon Valley. Yes, we’ve included an Apple Watch in this list, because, well, it was on the wrist of a former president.

The Open doesn’t wrap up until Saturday, September 9, but here are the best watches we’ve seen at the tournament so far.

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