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Experience is at the heart of what we offer. Our showcase, open from 9 am to 8 pm, is designed to tantalize your senses, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of high-end fashion. However, as we always say, "luxury doesn’t sleep." To cater to those who live life on their own terms, our 24-hour buy room stands ready. Whether you're looking to sell or reinvent your style, simply come prepared with your proof of purchase and valid ID, and elevate your fashion game, anytime, day or night. Discounts play a pivotal role in democratizing luxury. We believe that everyone deserves to feel extravagant without the exorbitant price tags. With our competitive pricing, the dream of luxury becomes reality, making opulence accessible Authenticity is our non-negotiable promise. In a world flooded with imitations, we stand as a bastion of genuineness. Every piece in our collection comes with our unwavering Authenticity Guarantee, giving you peace of mind in every purchase. Rarity – To shop at Gold and Beyond is to discover treasures that aren't found just anywhere. Our selections are unique, reflecting the true essence of luxury – rarity. From vintage finds to limited editions, we curate pieces that tell a story, making you not just a shopper but a curator of unique tales.

Quality Assurance at its Finest

Gold and Beyond stands tall as a beacon of authenticity and luxury in the resale industry. Each and every item on our shelves and displays carries our uncompromising Authenticity Guarantee, a testament to our dedication and expertise in distinguishing genuine luxury from the rest. Our meticulously handpicked selection of luxury fashion, chosen with a keen eye for detail and distinction, offers you not just products, but statements of unparalleled quality. For those who cherish a more intimate and exclusive shopping atmosphere, our Private Shopping Experience is tailored to provide an environment of pure opulence, away from the bustling crowd. Yet, it's not just the luxury we bring that sets us apart. Our unmatched discounts bridge the gap between aspiration and attainability, making the world of luxury accessible to everyone. In Las Vegas, where flamboyance meets finesse, Gold and Beyond is leading the curve, reshaping the concept of resale. Shopping with us is more than a mere transaction; it's an unforgettable journey. From the moment you step in to the time you leave, embrace the exquisite, indulge in the luxury, and depart with a sense of confidence that's truly unparalleled. In a city of showstoppers, we're proud to say we shine the brightest.

About Us

Gold and Beyond

Welcome to Gold and Beyond Luxury Fashion Boutique, the paramount destination in Las Vegas, NV where high-end fashion gracefully collides with affordability, sustainability, and unmatched sophistication. Situated at the epicenter of the iconic Las Vegas Strip, we've been the torchbearer of a distinctive luxury experience for fashion-forward individuals since 2008.

Our Legacy: Gold and Beyond was envisioned by a cadre of fashion enthusiasts, unified by their fervor for sustainability and refined style. Birthed from the ambition to cultivate an unparalleled shopping haven, we cater to those who relish the luxury of designer brands without forsaking their core values or fiscal prudence.

A Refined Approach to Luxury: Our defining edge in the luxury resale fashion arena lies in our unwavering commitment to accessibility. We firmly advocate that luxury shouldn't demand compromise, either in quality or ethos. This ethos underpins our vast array of curated, pre-loved designer clothing, accessories, and jewelry—each item meticulously inspected for both authenticity and unparalleled quality.

Sustainability at the Forefront: We champion the green narrative in luxury fashion. Offering a platform for aficionados to consign their cherished designer items means breathing new life into fashion pieces. Every acquisition at Gold and Beyond is a step towards a sustainable future, symbolizing your conscious choice for the planet.

An Ode to Luxury: Our doors open to a realm abundant with fashion-forward treasures from the globe's most illustrious luxury brands. Whether your heart desires an avant-garde statement, a perennial classic, or a singular accessory, our collection caters to all discerning tastes and occasions.

Our Team: Our staff, fueled by profound fashion wisdom and an acute attention to detail, is the backbone of our boutique. They stand poised to guide you, curate impeccable looks, and ensure your time with us transcends the ordinary shopping experience.

We cordially invite you to immerse yourself in a seamless blend of luxury, affordability, and sustainability at Gold and Beyond. Join our mission, indulge in the Las Vegas grandeur, and redefine your fashion narrative with us. Your allegiance to luxury fashion, devoid of compromise, finds its home here.

Gold & Beyond
Gold & Beyond


Vestiaire Collective emphasizes the importance of trust in the resale market, teaming up with Tradesy to strengthen its stand against fast fashion. As consumers increasingly lean towards sustainable fashion choices, Vestiaire highlights the need for authentication processes, ensuring customers receive genuine products. With its efforts, the platform is not only promoting conscious consumerism but is also setting high standards in the pre-owned luxury market. Fighting fast fashion, one authenticated product at a time! 🌍👜💚

Looking to shop our full online inventory? Dive into our curated collection via the Vestiaire Collective App. Here’s how:

1. Download the Vestiaire Collective App from your app store.
2. Navigate to the Search Bar.
3. Tap on the Members tab.
4. Type in GoldandBeyond (all one word) in the search bar.
5. Be sure to hit Follow to keep updated with our latest additions.

If you can’t spot what you’re searching for on our physical website, this is your gateway to our expansive online closet. For those shopping directly from our website, we offer both pick-up and domestic delivery options for your convenience. Your luxury experience is just a few taps away.

Gold & Beyond
Gold & Beyond

We Pay Top Dollar


Considering parting with your luxury fashion items? Choose us and here’s why:

🔹 Expertise: Our seasoned team is adept at recognizing and valuing authentic luxury brands.
🔹 Comprehensive: From handbags and watches to jewelry and diamonds - we cover it all.
🔹 Instant Cash: Get paid on-the-spot with our hassle-free process.
🔹 Reputation: As a top-ranked boutique in Las Vegas, our commitment to transparency and fairness is unparalleled.
🔹 Security: In our secure facility, every transaction is handled with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Turn your luxury items into instant cash, knowing you’re dealing with the best in the business! 🌟👜💍👠🕰️🏆

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Watch Making Services

At Gold and Beyond, we don’t just celebrate the luxury of timeless pieces, we breathe life back into them. Our watchmaking services offer the pinnacle of craftsmanship and precision, ensuring that each timepiece we handle ticks in perfect harmony with its heritage. Harnessing decades of expertise and using state-of-the-art tools, our watch experts meticulously restore, repair, and rejuvenate each watch, preserving its legacy for future generations. Whether you have a vintage heirloom or a contemporary masterpiece, trust in Gold and Beyond’s commitment to excellence, ensuring your watch is not only functional but a testament to timeless elegance.

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Jewelry Services

With years of expertise in the art of jewelry craftsmanship, Gold and Beyond stands as a beacon of excellence and precision. Our esteemed in-house jeweler, boasting years of refined experience, offers an array of services tailored to your needs. From meticulous repairs to bespoke custom designs, from securing the ideal settings to offering elegant upgrades, our commitment is unwavering. Place your treasured pieces in the hands of our seasoned expert, and together, let’s transform your dreams into masterpieces of tangible elegance!

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Located just north of the bustling Las Vegas Strip, our boutique is located at Sahara @ Las Vegas. Although we boast a prime location, some guests occasionally find our entrance a tad elusive. To ensure a seamless arrival, here's a tailored guide:

1. **Landmarks:** We're strategically positioned near some of the city's iconic casinos - Golden Steer Steakhouse, The Mint Bar, Ahern, The Sahara, Las Vegas Fair Grounds, and Palace Station. Keeping these landmarks in mind can significantly ease your navigation.

2. **Parking:** Parking during your visit is a breeze. We offer a Free Parking Lot exclusively for our customers. However, please note that during major Las Vegas events, vehicles not belonging to our patrons may be towed to ensure ample space for our valued customers.

3. **Assistance:** Should you ever feel uncertain or need more precise directions, don't hesitate to reach out. Dial us anytime, and our hospitable staff will be more than happy to guide you straight to us.

We eagerly await your visit to our upscale consignment luxury boutique. Journey safely!

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