Unveiling the LVRR-01: A Louis Vuitton and Rexhep Rexhepi Collaboration

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In sunny Montecito, California, an unforeseen collaboration has resulted in a horological masterpiece. Louis Vuitton, guided by the hands of Jean Arnault, and the genius of Rexhep Rexhepi's Akrivia brand, have combined their distinct flair to birth the LVRR-01 Chronographe à Sonnerie. This innovative timepiece offers a harmonious blend of both brand's identities, making it genuinely captivating.

This is not just any watch. The LVRR-01 marks the first of its genre in specific aspects, beautifully aligning with Arnault's modern vision for Louis Vuitton's watch collection. The prestige of Rexhep Rexhepi, acclaimed for creations like the Chronomètre Contemporaine, ensures that this collaboration is not just about brand names, but a dedication to the art and precision of watchmaking.

Aesthetically, the watch presents a dual experience. When worn, a tinted sapphire dial reveals the movement inside, signed exclusively by Akrivia. Yet, a closer look reveals the iconic LV emblem subtly integrated into the "v" of Akrivia. When you flip the watch, a white grand feu enamel dial harks back to Louis Vuitton's rich history, while the front encapsulates Akrivia's modern vibe.

Delving into its mechanics, the LVRR-01 is a double-faced chronograph with an innovative chiming feature, driven by a novel tourbillon movement crafted from scratch by Rexhepi. Encased within a redesigned Louis Vuitton Tambour case by Hagmann, its front reveals six gold cubes filled with translucent fired enamel, a nod to Louis Vuitton's Spin Time jumping-hours display. The sonnerie mechanism marks each minute when the chronograph function is activated, a feature believed to be a horological first.

Both Louis Vuitton and Akrivia have a rich history with chronographs and tourbillons. Their joint venture takes this shared legacy and encapsulates it into a singular, groundbreaking timepiece. This watch boasts an intricate movement design, with the chronograph and chiming mechanisms placed prominently at the front, allowing for a clear view into its inner workings.

The reverse side houses the controls for the chronograph, and a chime produced by a polished steel hammer striking a steel gong marks every minute. Powering these complications are twin barrels: one managing timekeeping and the chronograph, and the second responsible for the chime. Rexhepi ingeniously linked the second barrel to the gear train, ensuring consistent energy supply.

In summary, the LVRR-01 Chronographe à Sonnerie isn't merely a watch; it's a testament to the prowess of two iconic brands, fusing tradition with innovation. With its detailed design and pioneering features, it sets a new benchmark in luxury timepieces.


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