Dior's Pre-Fall 2023 Collection: A Mélange of French and Indian Aesthetics

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The captivating shores of Mumbai set the stage for Dior's Pre-Fall 2023 collection, precisely beside the iconic Gateway of India. Dior, an epitome of Parisian chic, chose Mumbai, which has a unique place in the heart of their creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Chiuri's two-decade-long camaraderie with Karishma Swali, who stands at the helm of Mumbai's Chanakya ateliers and the empowering Chanakya School of Craft, has been a journey of mutual respect and fashion exploration. "Chanakya exposed me to the intricate embroidery techniques intrinsic to India and its dialogue with global fashion," remarked Chiuri.

Venturing into Dior's rich past, the collection draws inspiration from April 1962 when then-director, Marc Bohan, explored Mumbai and Delhi. His vision and travels transformed Dior, introducing fresh designs and a younger clientele to the brand.

Chiuri's latest collection is a vibrant symphony of colors, imbibing Swali's inspirations and Bohan's ground-breaking work. The vivid shades of green, yellow, pink, and purple beautifully intermingle in a luxurious offering of evening coats, sari-esque skirts, and classical Indian wear. Not just a visual treat, the collection serves as a nod to India's rich embroidery craft, emphasizing the meticulous craftsmanship of the Chanakya School.

Sequins, strass, motifs, and the French "toile de Jouy" fabric echo throughout the collection, creating a dialogue that celebrates the harmonious bond between Indian and French fashion legacies. Each piece is a testament to an enduring relationship and a fusion of unparalleled artistry.

Explore the full Pre-Fall 2023 collection by Dior to experience this transcontinental fashion journey.

Stay tuned for more updates, as we take a peek into Lucas Ossendrijver’s THEORY Project's Spring 2023 offerings.

A Memorable Venue

Overall, Dior's pre-fall 2023 fashion show in Mumbai was a spectacular display of creativity, beauty, and cultural appreciation.

It showcased the brand's ability to merge diverse influences into a cohesive and breathtaking collection, further cementing its status as one of the world's leading luxury fashion houses.


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